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Martial Mind Mastery:  The Roadmap to Self-Mastery in your Professional & Personal Life



Welcome to Martial Mind Mastery, where we embark on a journey of lasting transformation. In today’s fast-paced world, high performers, CEOs, leaders, teams and individuals from all walks of life, face unprecedented challenges in both their personal and professional lives. The relentless demands of work, relationships, and daily pressures often leave us feeling stressed, unbalanced, and lacking energy.

The ‘Martial Mind Mastery’ methodology offers a unique roadmap to Self-Mastery that will help you to drastically reduce stress, find balance, and experience more energy, inner-peace and joy in every aspect of your life.


The Power of Self-Mastery

Understanding the Core Principles

At Martial Mind Mastery, Sifu Paul Resnick has spent over three decades developing a unique methodology that draws from the wisdom of both ancient Eastern philosophies, such as Buddhism and Taoism, and cutting-edge modern Western science. His approach is rooted in the belief that self-mastery is the key to achieving lasting happiness and success.

Our program, ‘A Roadmap to Self-Mastery,’ is divided into three distinct stages, each designed to address specific aspects of personal development:

Stage 1: The First Battle – Conquering Oneself

In this stage, we delve deep into the core of self-mastery. We explore mindfulness practices inspired by Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, helping you gain control over your mind, emotions, and body. Our martial arts principles from Wing Chun Kung Fu and Tai-Chi provide valuable insights into discipline, focus, inner strength and mindfulness. Modern western phycology offers powerful tools to better understand the workings of the mind and how our thoughts dictate our emotions, feelings, behaviours and actions. 

Stage 2: The Second Battle – Navigating the External World

Once you’ve conquered yourself, it’s time to tackle the challenges of the external world. Our program equips you with practical tools to communicate more effectively, manage relationships, meet deadlines, and handle professional challenges with grace and efficiency. Once you have ‘Mastered’ the ‘First Battle’ you will be able to deal more efficiently and effectively with the ever changing outer world and any challenge that you are confronted with.

The main focus of the Martial Mind Mastery program is primarily on the First Battle and secondarily on the Second Battle.  

Stage 3: The Third Battle – Discovering Your Highest Purpose

The final, optional stage takes you on a profound journey to discover your highest purpose, whether it’s a spiritual calling or a mission of service to others. We help you align your personal and professional goals with your inner values, leading to a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


Tailored-Made Keynote Speaking Engagement, Transformational Coaching & Master Classes

Personalized Guidance for High Performers

Our Keynote speaking engagement, coaching and master classes are tailored to meet the unique needs of high performers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all backgrounds. Whether you’re seeking to reduce stress, find inner peace, or excel in your personal and professional life, our expert guidance will empower you to maximize your performance and achieve your goals.

Online Coaching Program

For those unable to attend in person, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our online video coaching program:         ‘A Roadmap to Self-Mastery. With the option of live weekly small group webinars. Now, you can access our transformative teachings and coaching from anywhere in the world, making self-mastery accessible to all.



At Martial Mind Mastery, our mission is clear: to empower individuals like you to embark on the journey of self-discovery and transformation. Our proven methodology, rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science, provides a roadmap to self-mastery that will help you maximize your performance, realize your goals, reduce stress, find balance, and experience more inner peace, energy and joy in every aspect of your life.

Are you ready to take the first step towards personal and professional excellence? Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your full potential.


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The Science Behind Self-Mastery- Modern Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

Our approach to self-mastery is not only deeply rooted in ancient philosophies but also backed by modern scientific research. We combine the insights of Eastern wisdom with the findings of Western psychology, epigenetics, and neuroscience to offer you a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to personal development.


Stress Reduction and Peace of Mind

One of the core objectives of our program is to help you reduce stress and cultivate peace of mind. In today’s high-pressure world, stress is a common companion, affecting both our physical and mental well-being. Through mindfulness practices, stress-reduction techniques, and personalized coaching, we guide you toward a state of inner calm and tranquility.

Cultivating Balance and Harmony

Achieving balance and harmony in all areas of life is a common aspiration, yet it often feels elusive. Our program provides you with the tools to harmonize your personal and professional life. By integrating the principles of martial arts and mindfulness, you’ll learn to strike a perfect balance that allows you to excel without sacrificing your well-being.

The Joy of Self-Discovery

Ultimately, our goal is to lead you to a state of profound joy through self-discovery. As you progress through the stages of self-mastery, you’ll unlock your true potential and experience a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment. The joy that arises from knowing oneself deeply and living in alignment with your values is a priceless gift that our program offers.


Serving High-End Clients

Excellence in Service

We understand that our clientele consists of high-performing individuals who demand excellence in every aspect of their lives. That’s why our coaching and master classes are designed to exceed your expectations. We provide a level of service that matches your commitment to personal and professional growth.


Tailored Solutions

No two individuals are alike, and we recognize the importance of offering tailored solutions. Our coaching is highly personalized, taking into account your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. Whether you’re a CEO seeking leadership development or an entrepreneur looking to find balance, we have a customized plan for you.


The Path Forward

Embarking on the journey of self-mastery with Martial Mind Mastery is not just a decision; it’s a commitment to your own growth and happiness. Our team of experienced coaches and mentors is ready to guide you every step of the way.


Join Us on the Journey

In conclusion, if you are a high performer, leader, entrepreneur, or professional seeking to transform your personal and professional life, Martial Mind Mastery is your trusted partner on this remarkable journey. Our methodology, blending ancient wisdom with modern science, offers a clear roadmap to self-mastery.

Don’t wait any longer to reduce stress, find inner peace, and experience joy in all aspects of your life. Join us today, and let’s unlock your full potential together. Your path to self-mastery begins here

*A choice can be made to include ‘Conflict Resolution Skills’ training to any class and/or Coaching. This can be for verbal conflicts only or include non-verbal basic self-defense training, with the main focus being on how to avoid physical conflicts/confrontations. 

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