The ‘Martial Mind Mastery’ coaching methodology that I developed over the past 35 years is based on a unique mix of extensive research and studies in modern western psychology, personal development, leadership, and neuroscience combined with ancient eastern Buddhist and Taoist insights, theories, philosophies and mindfulness practices.

The methodology also incorporates my 35 years of martial arts training, and over 21 years’ of experience as a 4th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Master/Sifu & Transformational Coach for businesses, institutions, governments, and schools with a focus on individual needs as well as on the unique dynamic within teams.

The awareness and understanding that mind, emotions and body are all interconnected and therefore have an effect on each other and the quality of your life, either negative or positive, is fundamental to achieving lasting change in any area of your life.

Cultivating personal development, balance, harmony and Joy in all areas of your life, by ‘mastering’ your mind, emotions and body, whilst reducing stress and cultivating peace of mind are at the core of my teachings and coaching. Guiding clients to reach their full potential so they may excel and realize their goals in all areas of their life is my mission.

The 3 Battles

The first step to this holistic approach, that In Kung Fu is referred to as the ‘First Battle’ (‘challenge’), is that you must ‘Conquer’ (‘overcome’) yourself first. Your fears, mental/emotional blocks, insecurities, self-control, discipline, self-esteem, focus, perseverance, and self-respect, to name a few. Also by cultivating essential life skills such as, patience, responsibility, resilience, effective internal and external communication, compassion, honesty, gratitude, and forgiveness are all part of the ‘First Battle’.

As both Aristotle and Socrates said in more or less the same words; “To know oneself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Knowledge alone is not enough. You need to take efficient and effective action, and also literally get into motion, emotion is ‘energy-in-motion’, to create empowering thoughts, emotions, choices and actions in order to excel and succeed. Your posture, facial expressions, the tone and choice of your words, what you focus on, your attitude, and even how you move, combined with the way you breathe, are important as well in this holistic approach to success, fulfilment and maximizing your potential.

When requested I offer additional guidance on how to gain and maintain excellent physical health, as it is essential to not only function optimally and have the energy and stamina to pursue your goals, but also to enjoy the journey more fully as well.

Once the first battle has been ‘conquered’ you are fully equipped to proceed to the next part of the coaching journey which will focus on the ‘Second Battle’, namely ‘Conquering’ the external world. Meaning, dealing with – not controlling – challenging situations, circumstances, projects, deadlines, relationships and the people that you are involved with. With an emphasis on mutual respect and collaboration, rather than competition, so that all involved can realize their individual as well as their mutual goals in their professional as well as their personal lives.

Conquering the first and second battle will give you the essentials life skills, tools, knowledge, wisdom, awareness, discipline and focus that you’ll need to master your own inner world and be able to deal more effectively and successfully with the ever changing outer world. In the process creating more balance, harmony, inner-peace and joy in your life while realizing your goals and living the life you desire and deserve.

The ‘First Battle’ is the main focus of my teachings and coaching as it is the most important and challenging one. Focusing only on the ‘Second Battle’ while neglecting the first one and therefore not ‘conquering’ oneself is at the root of just about all suffering, fear, insecurities, procrastination, miscommunication, and the inability to realize one’s goals.

It is also the main reason why so many people don’t reach their full potential and have low self-esteem and are living lives full of stress, regret, guilt, frustration and anger. This in turn causes people to underperform, become ill, and even burnout by not taking full responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions, health, behavior, actions and the consequences. Often feeling self-pity and a ‘victim’ of circumstances, events and ‘others’.

In extreme cases you may find yourself in constant battle with everyone and everything, including yourself.


The 5 Elements

An integral part of the process towards Self-Mastery in the ‘Martial-Mind-Mastery’ methodology involves an awareness, understanding and cultivation of the 5 elements; Water, Air/Wind, Earth, Fireand Ether as a practical way to immediately experience the Mind-Body connection on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

You will learn how to use ‘the elements’ to positively impact all your decisions, communication, relationships, behaviours, actions, the realization of your goals, and the level of success that you will obtain in any area of your life. As a valuable bonus clients experience less stress, and more balance & Joy in their lives.

My 35 years of martial arts training in various styles (4th Degree Black Belt Master/Sifu in Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Tai-Chi instructor) and over 20 years’ experience in successfully having coached thousands of people of all ages, genders, cultures, and backgrounds, has proven to me that ‘mastering’ your mind, emotions and body, is not only essential for every individual to live a joyful, purposeful and successful life, but just as important, I have come to learn that it can be taught, developed and cultivated by anyone who is ready for the challenge.


Master Your Mind-Maximize Your Performance-Realize Your Goals

The Martial Mind Mastery method generates many positive benefits for you in all areas of your life: personally, relationally, academically, and professionally.

For the past 20 years I have been offering tailor-made ‘Master Classes’, Speaker Events, and/or coaching to companies, institutions, schools and individuals. The Master Classes and coaching programs are aimed at the mental, emotional and physical well-being of employees and/or employers with the aim of drastically improving communication, cooperation, leadership, and performance at both the individual and team level.

Participants/clients also experience a strong reduction in stress, burnout and absenteeism/sick-leave, whilst also finding more inner peace, balance, satisfaction and joy in both their work and private life.