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My time training with Sifu has been transformative. His calming presence and emphasis on the power of the mind have elevated not just my martial arts skills, but also my overall well-being. Through learning to leverage the four elements and meditation, I'm less stressed and more aware. I've had the pleasure of hosting him for a webinar, attended by over 100 people, where we discussed the link between martial arts and the growth mindset. This experience underscored his effective teaching style. What sets him apart is his authenticity, he truly practices what he preaches.

Alain Abou Atmeh Growth Marketing Specialist & Wing Chun Student
Growth Tribe , Amsterdam , The Netherlands

“ The Master Class that Paul Resnick provided for our Management Team was very insightful, educational, and directly applicable in our daily work and life. The tools and skills for verbal conflict resolution and how to reduce stress and avoid burn - outs have been integrated into our training for officers. We gave his master class the highest score of 2018”

The Police Academy Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“As a result of my 1:1 coaching sessions with Paul I have been able to gain more clarity and focus on what my goals are and how to realize them. I found his friendly and direct approach very motivating and can highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get more out of life. You can tell he genuinely cares. As an added bonus my personal life has also improved on all levels”

Lukas van den Ende Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“The martial mind mastery sessions have given me a lot of positive energy, increased my will power and above all, provided me with much needed inner peace which has enabled me to deal more effectively with stressful situations. That was the most important for me”

Frans Krieger Ministry of Justice
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Inspirational, exciting, and easy to understand approach to self - mastery. A philosophical approach that can be applied in a very practical way to life”

Merijn Merbis Clinical Psychologist
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Having tried several different coaching practices in the past I’ve found Paul Resnick’s unique approach to coaching to have been the most valuable to me. My business in real - estate can be quite hectic and stressful. Thanks to the coaching sessions I’m able to stay calmer, and set clear priorities and stay more focused on what needs to be done. I can highly recommend him to anyone looking to get measurable results!”

Richard Tauw Rito Real - Estate
Nieuw - Vennep, The Netherlands

“ With zero interest in martial arts we were pleasantly surprised with the 3 hour Master Class by Paul Resnick that provided us with easy and practical tools to apply mindfulness, reduce stress and experience more balance, peace of mind, and harmony in life”

Royal Industriële Groote Club Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“ Greatest experience that I have ever had with mental/motivational coaching. Huge recommendation!”

Angelo White Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Paul Resnick has developed a nice low-threshold introduction to personal development, and non-violent concepts and principals from internal Martial Arts & Mindfulness, in which people are consciously made aware of the functioning and connection of body and mind from both a Western and Eastern perspective. He gave a 60 minute Master Class to 25 of my colleagues in November 2022, which we enjoyed very much and has been very valuable”.

Drs. Dieter Mooijer Municipality of Amsterdam
district Nieuw-West
Coordinator GPMO

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The Master Classes and Coaching services that I have been providing to companies, institutions, schools and individuals for the past 20 years are aimed at the mental, emotional and physical well-being of employees and/or employers with the aim of drastically improving communication, cooperation, leadership, and the performance of the individual as well as within teams.

Participants/clients also experience a strong reduction in stress, burnout and absenteeism/sick-leave, whilst also finding more inner peace, balance and satisfaction in both their work and private life.